Presubmission Checklist

Below is the information you should collect before starting the manuscript submission process.

  1. All authors’ full names, locations, and email addresses to be entered into the manuscript tracking system, Editorial Manager
  2. Corresponding author’s contact information to appear on the manuscript’s title page.
  3. A conflict of interest statement for all authors. This information must appear on the manuscript title page. In the absence of any conflicts, please state "No conflicts of interest exist."
  4. A 2 to 3 sentence synopsis that explains the primary accomplishments of the work. This should not exceed 40 words and should not include nonstandard abbreviations. Please include this synopsis on the title page of your manuscript.
  5. Funding information, including funding bodies and grant numbers as well as the role of the study sponsor, if any, in the study design, collection, analysis, or interpretation of data. This information must appear on the manuscript title page.
  6. Accession number for publicly accessible, recognized data repository containing additional materials such as cell lines, cDNA clones, hybridomas, antibodies, biological reagents, unique animals, etc, to appear on the manuscript title page if applicable for your manuscript.
  7. URL and data accession number for any publicly accessible repositories containing data related to genomics or other technologies including, but not limited to, transcript profiling (expression microarray), ChIP on Chip, Genotyping, aCGH and Tilling Arrays. This information must appear in the body of your manuscript if applicable for your submission.
  8. Meta-analyses of genetic studies must include a statement on the manuscript title page indicating that they have followed the HuGENet guidelines. To review the guidelines, go to
  9. AGA Membership status of first author or corresponding author, if applicable. AGA members receive a significant discount on publication fees for articles accepted for publication in CMGH. Join the AGA today and save hundreds of dollars on your publication fees. For more information, or to check on your membership status, click here.
  10. Names and email addresses of any preferred reviewers.
  11. Full manuscript (limit 6000 words for Original Research, NOT including abstract, methods, references, or figure/table legends) with sections in the following order: Introduction, Results, Discussion/Conclusion, Methods, References. Your manuscript should be submitted in one of the following formats:
    1. A single PDF file containing all pieces of the manuscript submission, with figure legends directly before or directly after each figure (for new submissions only; this format is strongly encouraged for new submissions to help facilitate the review process)
    2. Word document containing title page, abstract, text, references, and tables; with figures as separate PDF or jpeg files (required for revised submissions)

*Please note, there are no file size restrictions imposed by the submission system, however if your files are exceedingly large, they may cause your connection to the system to time-out. If you are having trouble uploading your files, please contact the editorial office at [email protected].

**For detailed information regarding manuscript, figure and table guidelines, as well as our ethics policies, article types and manuscript review policies, please view our full Instructions for Authors.